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Kimball Mayor, Keith Prunty responded to the letter to the editor submitted by J. Pete Scales of Pocatello, Idaho, and published in the Nov. 5 edition of the Western Nebraska Observer. Scales voiced his concern over a letter received by his sister, who is 80 years old, from the City of Kimball regarding tree removal.

Apparently, the elderly woman was upset by the letter and deemed it to be threatening in content, as did her sibling when he read the letter in question.

“I think the man was misinformed,” commented Mayor Keith Prunty in regards to the printed letter, “it’s the same letter we send to everyone. We were never contacted by anyone as the city about this.” The mayor went on to explain that the letter the city sends out to address these types of issues, is a form letter that requests the property owner to contact the city for further information.

“Our phones are always open for questions,” shared Prunty. “We are not going to be heavy-handed to anyone.”

Prunty further explains that there are grants available through the South Platte Natural Resources District or SPNRD to help financially with the removal of dead or nuisance trees. The grant, “The City of Kimball SPNRD Community Forestry Program,” can be applied for in the spring through the city. “It’s a first-come, first-serve basis,” states Prunty, “and the city also puts funds towards this project.”

Prunty encourages anyone in the public to call the city with concerns regarding form letters that they send out periodically.

“We (the city) just need to know that the person receiving such a letter would show progress in trying to get something done. What’s fair is fair. And a lot of it is just having curiosity for your neighbors. We all have to live together harmoniously, and that’s why we have ordinances and zoning and such.”


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