Kimball school board looks at snow removal


The Kimball Board of Education debated options for snow removal, including the potential purchase of a pickup truck and snow blade, during its regularly scheduled meeting held Monday night.

Superintendent Marshall Lewis outlined several options, including contracting the service out as compared to both fixing current equipment and purchasing new or used.

“Of those, the one that I am not really interested in would be to purchase a used pickup because if we are going to get a decent used vehicle right now, with the discounts that a school gets for new through the companies, $3,000 more gets us a brand new vehicle,” Lewis said.

“I think at this point the discussion is that we are not going to purchase right now,” board member Brad Reader said.

“We are really trying to pinch pennies,” board member Jared Hunsaker added.

Cost was not the sole factor, as the board considered where they would be placed on any contractor’s priority level.

“I really like clearing our own (snow),” Lewis said. “I don’t think that we are going to be able to say that we want it cleared by 7:30 (a.m.) to most (contractors).”

Ultimately, the board decided that the blade currently owned by the district, which is attached to an unsafe Bronco, could be attached to the district’s pickup and used with modifications and repair.

The board tabled the issue and directed transportation director Greg Fossand to price a potential purchase and report back to them at the next board meeting. This would include the needed repairs and modifications with local fabricator Steve Pinkerton, who would also be asked to make a quick-release attachment for the unit.

The board also discussed the Capital Projects Plan during Monday’s meeting.

“We have approved, updated and talked about this quite a bit. But just to clarify, from the last meeting, a work session, I wanted to explain what the thought was for those who weren’t there. I think as a whole we might have been on different pages,” Lewis said.

Lewis pointed out that most expenditures must be brought before the board, but that there are some that, once the board approves the plan, can be done with Lewis’s discretion.

Board members requested for a more detailed breakdown of items that include windows, carpet and lighting.

The Pride in Excellence presentation was given by Jeri Ferguson, who recently attended a conference and was excited about the techniques she learned for using new technology in the classroom.

“There are a lot of things you can do with Google,” Ferguson said.

She continued to outline plans to use the new tools in her classrooms for both junior and senior high school students. Ferguson plans to partner with other junior and senior high teachers this year to build on the new technology already in use at the local site and she further hopes to attend a Google Summit in Omaha this summer.

Ferguson explained that as she visits with recent graduates, she has learned that assignments are now submitted through an online portal, instead of handing in a physical assignment. She reported that past graduates have expressed a need to know about that practice prior to college.

“One things I get all the time, is, ‘I don’t have an idea what that’s about,’” Ferguson said. “It’s one of the things I really want to get implemented in my classroom.”

Ferguson reached out to fellow teacher, Erin Aerni, who would also like to implement an online portal for Kimball students. Lori Biesecker, a Potter-Dix teacher, is open to introducing Google Classroom to the duo.

“My goal is, second semester, to start having kids submit their stuff in Google Classroom - at least my seniors,” Ferguson said.

The board went into a closed session for the purpose of negotiation strategies and adjourned following that session with no further action.

The board also:

- Reviewed and amended wording contained in board policy about financial operations.

- Heard reports from principals Mike Mitchell and Eugene Hanks as well as Special Services Director Jamie Soper and Technology Director Travis Terrill.

- Tabled action with regard to acceptance of the annual audit report.


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