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Thefts trending down; sheriff warns citizens to remain 'vigilant'


Since the beginning of April, the Kimball County Sheriff's Office dispatch has received more than 20 reports of prowlers, suspicious vehicles or suspicious people.

Calls concerning incidents inside city limits were referred to the Kimball Police Department.

Six reporting parties called regarding suspicious people and vehicles, while theft was reported nine times and several callers followed up with additional concerns and information.

According to the call log, guns were stolen from vehicles in three reports. Other missing items include mail, a signed check, tractor fuel, equipment, a bike and a car.

"As far as I know, it has been mostly firearms. Don't leave firearms in the car, don't leave valuables in the car at all," Kimball County Sheriff Harry Gillway said. "We want to make sure everybody is going to be safe and if a weapon is stolen, it's a threat to all of us."

One weapon that was stolen in the county was recovered within Kimball city limits, according to Gillway, when a report was made that a handgun was found discarded.

Other reporting parties complained of vehicles being "messed up" and belongings "strewn about."

Mischief was also reported with mailboxes being removed from fencing, loud music and reckless driving complaints.

One caller reported slashed tires, but the caller reported to know who disabled the vehicle, and another call reported a "bullet" in someone else's house.

Although activity has decreased of late, Gillway suggests that citizens continue reporting suspicious activity.

"Sometimes things are cyclic. When word gets out that there has been a rash of crimes, people do what they are supposed to do but then they get lax again," Gillway said. "We live in a different society today, we do have people in town that we don't know. Everybody should remain vigilant."

Kimball Police Chief Darren Huff said he could not comment on the thefts, burglaries and other incidents that have happened in the past month.

"There is an individual in custody in another jurisdiction that is a suspect, but there is nothing else I can tell you," Huff said.


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