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Sam Glenn to appear in Kimball

Council approves KENO funds for motivational speaker


Sydney Yalshevec

KHS student Michael Ferguson addresses the city council about the need for funds for motivational speaker Sam Glenn to visit. The council approved the funds for the speaker.

Sam Glenn is a motivational speaker who has spoken at conferences and conventions for major companies and events all over the the nation. The Kimball Junior/Senior High School civics class has managed to set up an event with Glenn for the school and community.

Jeri Ferguson, high school social studies instructor, has encouraged her civics class to do something that would benefit both the school and the community.

The city council chambers were filled with high school seniors on Sept. 2. The seniors, as well as Jeri Ferguson, were present to make a request for KENO funding. High school senior Michael Ferguson was the student who stepped up to the podium to make the formal request for funds.

"The senior civics class would like to bring in motivational speaker, Sam Glenn, to deliver three specially focused presentations. One will be for the junior high students, one for the high school students and one for the community," Michael Ferguson said.

Michael Ferguson said he first heard Glenn speak at the National 4-H Convention and it was there that he made it onto the high school senior's radar.

"He's funny, and he really makes you feel motivated and like you want to get stuff done. I first heard him speak at the 4-H convention and I think his presentation would be very beneficial to both the junior high and high school students," Michael Ferguson said.

The idea would be that the civics students would sit down with the junior high teachers and ask them about where they think the junior high students are lacking. They would go through the same process with the high school teachers. Be it their motivation or perhaps their desire to learn that is lacking, Ferguson is confident that Glenn could tailor an assembly to fit the needs of the students.

"We plan to have a talk with the the teachers to discuss all the areas that their students will need motivation. Sam Glenn can take that information and turn his entire assembly into something that will benefit our students specifically," Michael Ferguson said.

Where it is rather simple to figure out where it is that the students may be needing an extra boost of motivation, the community assembly might be a different story.

"I know that you said you would be talking with the teachers about where the students need help, but how will you determine that for the community," Mayor James Schnell asked.

"I think that it will be simple to find out where the community is lacking because it's obvious," answered Michael Ferguson. "The community of Kimball is a very apathetic one. For example, it's an election year and there are several chairs open for city council and yet only the exact number of chairs are being run for. Same with the school board and other offices."

"I hope to come back to Kimball after I have finished college. I want this community to be my home, so I want this community to be in the best shape possible when I return," Michael Ferguson added.

The civics class was asking for $6,000 to pay for each assembly as well as travel expenses for Glenn.

"How will you be sure that people will attend, that people will show up," councilwoman Kim Christensen asked.

Michael Ferguson explained that he and his classmates would put in the effort to make sure the event was well-known.

"We will make posters and hang them all over town, we will get something in the newspapers and on the radio stations. We will do everything in our power to ensure that there is a full auditorium to see Mr. Glenn give his presentation," MIchael Ferguson said.

The council was also curious as to how the school felt about Glenn and using the auditorium for these purposes.

"I spoke with Mr. Hanks and the moment I said Sam Glenn, he said I had to get him to come down and do something. So the school is very excited as well," Michael Ferguson said.

The city council approved the civics class' request for $6,000 to bring Glenn to Kimball to motivate the students and the community.

The following week Ferguson appeared before the Kimball public school board in order to gain their support in his class' endeavors, which he did.

It is not yet known when Glenn will give his presentations to the school or the community, however, the students will be working on it with the assistance of Jeri Ferguson.


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