By Sydney Yalshevec

Summer time brings influx of snakes, need for education on how to avoid injury


Penny Merryfield

A bullsnake spotted outside of Vince's Corner Tuesday, June 17.

In the summer time, Kimball sees an influx in snakes in the area, predominantly in bullsnakes and rattlesnakes. As a result, residents should be up to date on what to do if they encounter either of these animals.

The first thing that should be known is how to identify the types of snakes and also how to differentiate between bullsnakes and rattlesnakes.

Bullsnakes are nonvenomous constrictors, meaning they strangle their prey. Bullsnakes range from 37 to 72 inches as adults, the newly hatched tend to be a foot in length. These snakes tend to have a base color of a straw yellow that varies...

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