By Daniel Thompson

Senator Fischer makes a stop in downtown Kimball

Freshman lawmaker speaks with residents, answers their questions


Daniel Thompson

Senator Deb Fischer (R) speaks to a crowd of people at the Plains Historical Society Museum in downtown Kimball Tuesday morning. Fischer also made an appearance in Sidney later that afternoon.

Senator Deb Fischer stopped by Kimball May 28, to give residents an update on what she has been working on for the people of Nebraska.

Fischer walked into the Plains Historical Museum around 1:30 p.m. where she was greeted by a modest crowd of Kimball residents eager to hear what she had to say.

Senator Fischer touched on topics such as the recent scandals that have rocked Washington, the Farm Bill, and took time to comment on the perception that everything in Washington is gridlocked and that there is a lack bipartisanship.

“I’ve been able to work with senators on the other side of the aisle on a number of amendments, and we’ve gotten some of those passed. On the budget debate I always have to smile, because Senator Al Frankin and I had an amendment to the budget. I have to laugh and say, ‘If that isn’t bipartisan then I don’t know what is,’” Senator Fischer said with a laugh.

Concerning the Department of Justice’s seeming attack on the Associated Press, Fischer stated how it was not only an attack on the journalists whose messages were tapped but also the greater american population as a whole.

“There’s been, I believe, this culture of abuse, this culture of arrogance in the past, and the media won’t report it. With the Department of Justice and the AP, the AP was being attacked, and we were being attacked there too. That’s a first amendment right we have as well. It’s freedom of the press, and every democracy needs freedom of the press,” Fischer said.

On the recent scandals, Sentor Fischer offered up a simple statement to summarize her feelings on the matter.

“We have a government run wild,” Fischer said.

Though quite obviously upset with the government’s recent scandals, Fischer made it clear that she still has faith that things can change.

“We live in the best country in the world, and for all the problems that I believe we’re going through right now, it’s still the best place we can be. We’re a very polarized country right now. Hopefully, that can change. Hopefully, we can come together more. I have faith in our country, and I have faith in the people of this country,” Fischer said.

Daniel Thompson

Senator Fischer is shown here with Jeanette Rabender, Executive Director of the Kimball-Banner County Chamber of Commerce.


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