By Daniel Thompson

Low Speed Chase Leads To Arrest In Pine Bluffs


Kimball law enforcement was led on a pursuit that ended in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming last Wednesday, February 27.

According to Kimball Chief of Police Mark Simpson, the pursuit started out as a child abduction.

“It was the father taking his son, and a pursuit ensued. We followed the vehicle to Pine Bluffs. Pine Bluffs PD joined in and was able to stop the individual,” Simpson said.

The suspect in the pursuit, though a name has not been disclosed by local authorities, was confirmed to have a restraining order in effect against them at the time of the incident.

Though any pursuit can be dangerous and normally entails high speeds, Simpson states that this particular pursuit did not send law enforcement on a high speed chase.

“We were going the speed limit the whole way. In fact, he actually slowed down through Bushnell. He just failed to stop for the deputy,” Simpson said.

Simpson is not the only one thankful for the low speeds of the pursuit as Sheriff Harry Gillway, whose office was also involved in the pursuit of the suspect, shared his elation at the fact.

“Thankfully, the man wasn’t traveling at a high rate of speed. If he had been, we would have had to back off, because we didn’t want to endanger the child at all,” Gillway said.

The pursuit came to an end in Pine Bluffs where law enforcement was waiting for the suspect outside of a residence.

“He was pulling up to a residence. The police were there with my deputy behind them and placed the man under arrest,” Gillway said.

According to Gillway, the suspect was taken into custody by the Pine Bluffs Chief of Police Robin Clark and one of his officers where he currently remains.

The pursuit had the best possible outcome for the situation as the child that was abducted and in the suspect’s custody at the time of the chase was completely unharmed.

The pursuit and underlying causes are still under investigation by Kimball law enforcement and the Pine Bluffs Police Department.


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