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By Dave Faries

Drinks: Budweiser Black Crown


While American beer drinkers learned the beauty of craft and foreign brews, Budweiser stood fast as a bulwark for the lowest common denominator. As tastes changed toward more intricate and flavorful brands, Budweiser refused to budge from their proprietary white bread style.

Now they are left to play catch up—first with their “Platinum” label and now with a trio of beers gleaned from their “Project 12” initiative.

The program challenged the company’s 12 brewmasters to produce unique beers (within certain bounds), from which one would be selected to wear the Black Crown.

Where the Platinum version resembles an overly sweetened bottle of regular old Bud, their Black Crown Golden Amber Lager comes across more like a…um…regular old Bud, albeit with a slightly sweeter, somewhat more rounded profile.

It opens with simple, pleasant aromas of sweet grain, pale clover honey and—if you really concentrate—a trace of wood. The taste is light and almost timid, especially for something claiming a six percent alcohol kick.

Black Crown cries out for a bitter counterpunch, but in the end can deliver only a towel of submission. Even the finish is a washout, at least if you expected something unique and special.

Those familiar with Bud Light might find this to be an adventure on a familiar road. The fan of craft beers should seek another direction.

Budweiser itself seems to be falling behind.


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