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By Daniel Thompson

Nuisance Property Once Against Stirs Council Debate


Debate over a nuisance abatement property at 4152 E. Front Street turned slightly aggressive at the City Council meeting the night of January 15th.

Kimball Chief of Police Mark Simpson reported his findings to the council which last discussed the property July 18, 2012.

“In my opinion, very little has been done in this property. You instructed these folks to stay in contact with me and tell me what they’re progress is. There has been no movement in that property whatsoever,” Simpson said.

Sallie Behnke, one of the residents of the property along with Cynthia Behnke, responded with an exclamation of “of what”, continuing on in an elevated tone to which Chief Simpson had to ask her to lower her voice.

When asked by Mayor James Schnell whether they would be able to make progress by the February 5th meeting, Behnke responded with an ambiguous answer at first.

“On the days that it’s warm, do you want us to work out in minus degree weather?” Behnke said.

However, Behnke later said that she could make progress on the clean up of the property by the next council meeting.

The council ultimately decided to allow the current residents an extension to make progress on the clean up until the next council meeting on February 5 with the condition that after the February 5 meeting, if progress is not made on the property, they are to be cited up to $100 by Chief Simpson each day for every additional day that it is not cleaned up.


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