By Daniel Thompson

County Approves Ambulance Service Association With NEMSA


The Kimball County Board Commissioners approved a request by Kimball County Ambulance Director Carla Goranson to join the National Emergency Medical Services Association (NEMSA).

The request came from a need for coverage by EMTs as they work in the field, and a policy that would cover them if they should get injured, according to Goranson.

“The main thing that I like is the insurance policy which covers accidental death, accidental dismemberment. Should we be injured while working as an EMT, we would have a $10,000 insurance policy for each member,” Goranson said.

The benefit of joining NEMSA also extends to the conferences held by the association.

“We usually attend the Winter and Spring conferences. They’re good conferences. We get a reduced rate for that,” Goranson said.

Joining the association also offers Kimball EMT’s support on a governmental level.

“I believe it’s a good investment in the EMS community. They have people in the government end of it speaking for us and fighting for us out there in the field,” Goranson said.

The cost of joining MENSA is $435 dollars for a year, which will be paid by the county.

The decision was made at the board’s regular meeting, held on January 15.


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