What We Thought In 2012: Selections From Snapshot



If Nebraska Held A Primary Now, Who Would Get Your Vote?

Kenneth Bowman

“Mitt Romney, because I think he is the only one who can beat Obama and we have to get Obama out of office. He didn’t create any jobs. There are 36 million people out of work in the United States right now. No government should be able to tell us where we should get our health care.”


Several New Businesses Have Opened In Kimball; Is This A Good Sign?

Ross Aerni

“I think new businesses would be good for our local economy. It brings more that people can do, so I think it would help our economy in Kimball. Having more to do, always makes it better.”


Which Would Be The Best And Worst Jobs?

Jim Young

“I would say being a farmer is the best. You get to be outside and every day if different, and every job is different. You get to create things--hopefully money. The worst job would be a highway patrolman, because no one likes to see you.”


Will The High Price Of Gas Affect Your Travel Plans?

Jana Linn

“Probably not. It will probably be the same for us. There was certain places we have to be and certain things we have to do. It will still be wonderful not to pay so much for gas.”


What Will Kimball Look Like Ten Years From Now?

Eugene Sell

“I think there will be less here, unless they do something. They need to be less picky on what we get in here--they’ve had chances before, and they didn’t want them in here. I think they are afraid that someone is going to come in and pay better wages.”


If You Could Ask One Question At A Presidential Debate, What Would It Be?

Sue Leinninger

“I guess I would probably ask them if they truly believe that they could do a good job. Some of them have all of these big ideas of what they would do, but when they actually serve their term then they are batting their heads against the wall. I would ask them if they really feel they can do their job.”


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