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By Dale Yung

The No-Brainers


I am writing on behalf of the no-brainers. They are the people that voted to destroy the rest areas--those nice, well built buildings that were paid for by the taxpayers of Nebraska and used by everone that traveled the Interstate.

There are some no-brainers that build new guard rails.

Years ago, a semi went off the road between the the two lanes and landed down on the county road two miles west of Bushnell. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. The state came out and put up the safest guard rails money could buy, from one lane of the Interstate to the other, curved clear around.

A few years ago they came out and took all that out and put up some supposedly cushioned ones--straight along the edge of the highway. They have been hit several times. The last time the whole east section was taken out.

I thought they would fix it right and angle it out in the ditch. But the no-brainers rebuilt it in the same way--straight along the highway.

When will they ever learn.

The money that was wasted taking out the safe guard rails and putting up the killer guard rails, the money wasted tearing out and demoolishing the rest areas, with it they could have operated the rest areas for another 50 or 70 years.

These people should be paid minimum wage and brought out here to pick up the bottles and trash at the Bushnell exit. It wasn’t our idea to take out the rest areas.

Dale Yung



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