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  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Jan 10, 2013

    When it’s cold, build a fire in the fireplace, or the woodburning heater, or maybe just light a candle and look in the flames, look deep in the flames for the answers. I’ve always believed they are there, and this time of year is a time for questions. It is a time to weigh the events of the past year and toss them around and ask why. It has been a good year for each of us in some respects, and a bad year in others. Just like every year. A few of our young people died this year. Others were born. Some precious old-timers left us, too, but at...

  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Jan 3, 2013

    Annette George, owner of the Soup ‘R Market, picked up the list of her New Year’s resolutions: 1. Replace cracked glass on the meat cooler. 2. Walk two miles each morning before work. 3. Lose 15 pounds by summer. 4. Take a class in Spanish. She thought about the kind of person she’d be at this time next year with all those things done, and it made her smile. Then she looked out the window at the snow and crossed off number two. “Each morning” was just too…too, inflexible. It’s always best, she thought to make promises you can keep. Annette tapp...

  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Dec 27, 2012

    ‘Twas the morning after Christmas, and all through the Mule Barn truck stop’s philosophy counter … “Happy Boxing Day!” said Herb, settling in and flipping his cup to the upright and fillable position. “Boxing Day?” said Steve. “It certainly is,” Herb said. He’s like that … a lot. We looked at each other. Doc put down the crossword puzzle he was working on. “You think there’ll ever be another Mohammed Ali?” said Dud. “The best,” Doc said. “How about Sugar Ray Robinson?” Steve said. “A toast to the great ones!” Cups were raised. “Guys?” said Herb...

  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Dec 20, 2012

    When Pop Walker sneaked out the kitchen door the other day, it affected all of us. He’s been a resident of the Rest of Your Life retirement home for several years now. He still remembers who said what during combat in Europe, but has a hard time remembering if he’s had breakfast. The call went out down at the Sheriff’s office around 10 p.m. that Pop had slipped through the enemy lines, meaning the kitchen staff, and was on the loose. One of the deputies called Doc, who was a friend of his since forever, and Doc alerted the rest of us. Pop is on...

  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Dec 13, 2012

    It was Herb who discovered it. He went into the Read Me Now bookstore to ask Sarah if she had the latest Farmer’s Almanac (he always plants vegetables in the bowels of something) and found she had hired a Santa’s helper to talk to the children. “Well, that’s good,” Doc said. “Maybe those little nippers will enjoy having a Santa to talk to.” “But Doc,” Herb said, “she hired Windy Wilson!” The Mule Barn truck stop right then and there lost at least fifteen bucks’ worth of breakfast, because we paid for our initial infestation of coffee a...