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Sheriff's Corner

One word…. Civility. Politics have gotten so out of hand this year and so much hatred abound on both sides. Politics have never been so bad. I watched a show on the Smithsonian Channel the other night where it showed the debate between John F...

 By Harry Gillway    News    August 23, 2018

Sheriff's Corner

Let me start by saying, when something bothers me I feel the need to address it and express my thoughts. As always, I don’t mind you having a different opinion and the thoughts here are my own but supported by others. Last night I read an article...


Sheriff's Corner

Our world is changing and it breaks my heart to see what’s happening. The shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida was horrific and I pray for the victims and their families. Schools and churches were safe havens for kids and people, not an...

 By Harry Gillway    News    March 9, 2017

Sheriff's Corner: The good and the bad of social media

I’m a little frustrated by all the negativity through social media lately. No, it’s not just what’s going on with the ambulance or the Sheriff’s Office. It’s much more than that and I wonder what is causing this hate with people. I suspect...


Sheriff's Corner: Immigration

The other day I checked Facebook and a friend had posted a video from a Veteran Marine, Steven Gern working as a contractor in Iraq. What he said made perfect sense and reasonable about the 90 day imm...


Sheriff's Corner: Don't drink and drive, call us for a ride

The season is upon us once again and again I want this to be a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. For seven years now, as your sheriff, I have offered to give a ride home (in Kimball County) for anyone who has had a bit too much to drink...


Sheriff's Corner: Gun Safety Is As Important As Gun Control

This is a follow up on my Sheriff’s Corner about gun control. First, thank you to all the people who thanked me for the article and my stance. I’d be remiss if I didn’t address firearms safety and use. Tragic accidents happen and it is so impor...


Sheriff's Corner: Gun Control

This is one Sheriff’s open opinion and want it to be known to the people of my county. I’m sure most sheriffs feel the same way as I do. I am adamantly opposed to any thing that infringes on our Constitutional rights; gun control is one that’s... Full story


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