Three arrested last week in Kimball WING sting


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Daniel Valdez, Matthew Duzich and Misty Duzich Jefferson

Three Kimball County residents, Misty Duzich Jefferson, 50, Matthew Duzich, 42, and Daniel Valdez, 24, were arrested on various drug charges on Thursday, March 1.

According to the arrest affidavit, Kimball County Sheriff's Office Deputy Anthony Osborn, along with other officers of the KCSO and the WING Task Force conducted a search warrant at 505 South Walnut Street in Kimball. Occupants inside the house at the time of the search warrant were Misty Duzich (Jefferson) Matthew Duzich, Daniel Valdez and Constance Goodwin.

According to the affidavit, during the search, Investigator Jim Bush with the WING Task Force located a bag located inside of a zipped-up body pillow on a bed where Misty was laying upon entry to the residence. Inside the bag was a baggie with a white crystal-like substance which field tested positive Methamphetamine. Also inside the bag was a glass pipe with white residue inside used for the consumption of Methamphetamine.

The affidavit also stated a glass pipe used for the consumption of Methamphetamine with white residue inside was located in the east bedroom of the house. Another glass pipe used for Methamphetamine with white residue was located in the garage east of the house in a red Folgers coffee can. Both of the areas are accessible to anyone in the home.

Investigator with the WING Task Force conducted an interview with Duzich Jefferson at the Kimball County Sheriff's Office. She stated that the Methamphetamine that was located inside the bag inside the zipped-up body pillow was hers. During the interview Duzich Jefferson also stated that she gives Methamphetamine to Matthew Duzich.

According to the affidavit during Investigator Sinnett's interview with Duzich Jefferson, she stated during the interview that Valdez drives to Colorado every Friday and picks up one ounce of meth and brings it back with a female named Samantha Beedy. Duzich Jefferson further stated that Daniel gives her the meth and she does not pay for it and that is just given to her by Valdez.

Misty Duzich Jefferson was charged with possession with intent to distribute controlled substance; Methamphetamine (felony) , and distribution of a controlled substance (felony), possession of paraphernalia.

Matthew Duzich was also arrested on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance Methamphetamine (felony), possession of paraphernalia.

During the same search, according to the affidavit for Matthew Duzich, during the search there was also a glass pipe that was located in the bathroom that field tested for Methamphetamine and tested positive.

According to Valdez's arrest affidavit, Deputy Osborn and Deputy Hottell were clearing the east bedroom in the home and observed Valdez sitting at a table inside the east bedroom. Osborn and Hottell observed a small baggy with a white crystal like substance inside which was later field tested and tested positive for Methamphetamine. Also in that room where Valdez was located were multiple baggies which from Deputy Obsorn's training and experience are used for the packaging and distribution of controlled substances. In the east bedroom, multiple scales with a white crystal like residue were located within arms reach of where Valdez was sitting at the desk. Located in a wallet within arms reach of Valdez, with Valdez's driver's license was four small baggies with 10 small yellow pills each inside with the identifier of K100 imprinted on each pill. Osborn preformed field test which proved the substance was methylphenidate/hydrochloride which is a schedule 2 controlled substance. Also inside the wallet with Valdez's driver's license inside was a small baggie with a white crystal substance that was field tested positive for Methamphetamine. Located within arms reach of Valdez was a white container from a marijuana dispensary in Colorado with a green leafy type substance inside which was later field tested positive for Marijuana.

According to the search a glass pipe used for the consumption of Methamphetamine was located directly underneath where Valdez was located in the chair.

The search also yielded six containers of Hash/Wax was located in the east bedroom on a loveseat next to the desk where Valdez was located. The containers were located in a box from a dispensary in Colorado. Inside the box was a receipt dated February 28, 2018. The substance in the containers were later field tested positive for THC/Marijuana.

Valdez was also interviewed by a WING investigator, Valdez admitted that the Methamphetamine located in the room which he was in was his and also the methamphetamine which was located in his wallet was also his. Valdez stated that someone left the Methylphenidate/Hydrochloride was left in his car and he took them out so he didn't get in trouble.

Valdez was charged with: possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute (felony), possession of a controlled substance Methamphetamine (felony), Possession of controlled substance Hash (felony), Possession of a controlled substance Methlyphenidate/Hydrochloride schedule 2 (felony), distribution of controlled substance (felony) and possession of paraphernalia.

All three were in custody at Kimball County Jail.

Sheriff Harry Gillway released a press release earlier last week on this WING arrest in which he stated, "Drug dealing in Kimball County is over and we're coming after you if you deal in drugs here!"


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