Longtime County treasurer, Quicke, has yet to file for office

Several newcomers file for City Council


January 25, 2018

With the incumbent filing deadline fast approaching, due no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15, the Kimball County Clerk’s Office has been busy processing the necessary paperwork.

“My office is busy with the filing process,” Kimball County Clerk Cathy Sibal said.

Incumbents, anyone currently holding a public office, must file by Feb. 15 with the County Clerk’s Office. Currently, all local incumbents have filed with the exception of County Treasurer, Diana Quicke, who has served in public office for 40 years in December 2018.

“She is probably the longest running (local) official right now,” Sibal said.

Not all of the City and County offices are available, as just two Kimball County Commissioner seats are to be filled in 2018. Likewise, just two City Council seats are available.

Incumbent filings include Harry Gillway, Republican, for the office of Kimball County Sheriff, Keith Prunty for Mayor of Kimball, Deb Diemoz, Republican, for the office of Clerk of the District Court, Christy Warner for Kimball City Council, Cathy Sibal, Republican, for the Kimball County Clerk, Sherry Winstrom, Republican, for the Kimball County Assessor, David Wilson, Republican for Kimball County Attorney, Lynn Vogel for Kimball Board of Education, Larry Engstrom, Democrat, for Kimball County Commissioner, Daria Anderson-Faden, Democrat, for Kimball County Commissioner and Jim Johnson filed for the Natural Resources District, sub-district 2.

Non-incumbent filings, which are due to the County Clerk’s Office no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 1, have already begun coming in. Non-incumbent filings include:

Diana Engstrom has filed as a Democrat for the partisan office of Clerk of the District Court.

Cindy Rahmig has filed as a Republican for the partisan office of Kimball County Treasurer.

Aaron Rabin filed for Kimball City Council.

Jim Calvin filed for Kimball City Council.

John Morrison filed for Kimball City Council.

James Cederburg filed for Kimball Mayor.

While some available seats are currently not contested, such as the Kimball County Sheriff and Kimball County Attorney, others are, such as the Clerk of the District Court with the incumbent, Deb Diemoz, having filed and a non-incumbent, Diana Engstrom also filing.

With this number of filings, and more expected, Sibal reminds citizens that the primary election in May serves a vital purpose. It allows the parties to nominate their candidate to move forward to the general election, according to Sibal. If two people of the same party file for a seat, that contest will be decided in the primary election.

Additionally, the number of filings to open positions on a board play a role in the primary election.

For example, if two seats on a board are available and four people file for those seats the matter will be decided in the general election, in November. However, if five candidates file (double the open positions plus one), the vote will go to the primary in May, allowing the field to be narrowed down prior to the general election.

To vote in the primary, and therefore have a voice in who moves forward to the general election, citizens must be affiliated with a party.

“If you are non-partisan, and you want to vote for the contested races, you have to choose a party,” Sibal reiterated.

Voters are reminded to update addresses and affiliations online at http://www.nebraska.gov by Apr. 30, 2018 or in person by 6 p.m. on May 4, 2018 to vote in the primary election in May.

For more information about changing affiliation, updating adresses or other voting concerns, call Kimball County Clerk’s Office at 308.235.2241.


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