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Kimball show choirs perform well at regional competition


November 9, 2017

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New Dimension takes the stage at the Old West Choir Fest in Scottsbluff last week.

Kimball High School's New Dimension took the stage on Nov. 4, at the Old West Choir Fest competition held in Scottsbluff.

With 23 schools competing, New Dimension placed in the top 7, making it into the Best of the Fest for the second year in a row!

This season's setlist was arranged in the following order: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (opener), Think by Aretha Franklin (girl's piece), Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran (boy's piece) and Good Time by Owl City (finale).

This arrangement included 14 soloists. Nicholas Thomas-Lewis and Arturo Fernandez performed their solos in Bohemian Rhapsody. The ladies' solo pieces were performed by Raven Johnson, Crystal Pile, Desyree Nelson, Kennedy Lewis, Kiersten Anderson, Melai Casimero and Leisa Casimero in Think.

Ethan Ratzlaf, Kaleb Prather, Alexander Flores and Sebastian Portillo each performed solos in Tenerife Sea and Jenna Greenwood performed the final solo in Good Time.

The day offered local performers serious stage time and a bit of time to relax and have fun with team members from other schools. Some Scottsbluff students gave Kimball a tour of their newly renovated high school.

After preparing for their own show, New Dimension caught the Velocity performance by Kimball's 5th and 6th graders' and stayed to support the local junior high group, Infinity. Both younger show choir groups performed well and each received a silver rating at the end of the day.

Infinity performed three songs and Velocity two, each highlighted a few vocal artists with solo performances as well.

Fun ensued following all the performances, as the Vista Peak High School from Denver, Colo., began singing "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus with hopes that the audience would join to pass time while waiting for results. Soon the audio system in the auditorium began playing the intro to the song and everyone started over. When the song was over the competitors fell quiet to hear results from the day.

All-State qualifiers Kennedy Lewis, Leisa Casimero and Nicholas Thomas-Lewis all went to receive Kimball's silver trophy and finalists, who would stay for the Best of the Fest competition, were announced.

Kimball performers held hands with high hopes that they would have the chance to further showcase their talents once more.

"And now, the finalists, in the order of performance, is New Dimension...!" At that moment all members of the local team began celebrating, shouting their victory with hugs and tears. All of their hard work had paid off and the team was ready for their second shot at the spotlight.

New Dimension made this performance their best yet as they rocked out harder than ever on Bohemian Rhapsody. There were smiles, hugs, and dancing being shared off the stage during and at the end of the performance. The team was happy with the performance and excited to see how they had done overall.

As the list of towns from third to first place were announced, the auditorium grew louder and louder until finally it was time for best soloist, choreography and class behavior.

Although Kimball did not place in top 3 for the Best of the Fest competition, their director, Jacob Hoffman, said, "I am absolutely thrilled with the performance of all three of Kimball's show choirs at Old West Choir Fest. Not only did the choirs perform well, but I received many compliments about how the Kimball students took such pride in what they were doing. As a director, I was so pleased to hear all of the compliments to our groups, both in reference to our performance and behavior."

The New Dimension students credit 'Mama' Hoffman for their glamorous look, as well as Mr. Hoffman for showing them even through hard work you can still have a good time.


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