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Due to unfortunate email issues within our office, which we are attempting to resolve, several important legal notices were missed and failed to print this week. This is through no fault of the entities required to publish the notices.

These notices are a priority for our advertisers and our consumers, and they are governed by state statutes. For these reasons, any legal notice that is not printed is of huge concern to all.

The South Platte Natural Resources District, the City of Kimball and Kimball County were all affected this week and were forced to publish their legal notices through avenues other than our print service.

In this circumstance, Western Nebraska Observer can assist in posting flyers in approved locations and can add legal notices to our website.

We apologize for the inconvenience and have offered to correct the errors in any way possible. We strive to provide quality service to all and, more importantly, to be a reliable partner to others.

We have been working to minimize this occurrence in the future. We began double checking our email through the server site, and have been working with our email server to ensure we receive all communications.

Please note that we send a confirmation email when a notice is received. If any entity sends a legal notice, or an ad, but does not receive an email confirming receipt, please give us a call at 308-235-3631, as that might be our first indication of an ongoing concern. Sending a second email may not alert us to the fact that our email server in not functioning.

As we continue growing through our trials, we thank everyone for their understanding and partnership.


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