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Are you living in your truth?


We all have choices that we make everyday, truly every moment of everyday. Many are minor choices, what to eat, which street to drive down or what movie to watch but some are bigger choices that will impact the rest of our existence. Whether our choices are conscious or unconscious, we often miss the meanings behind the choices we make because of the busy lives we lead.

It is a wise person who recognizes the subtle meanings hidden within our everyday life.

For many years, and during the time I lived and worked in Sedona, AZ, I was one of those people who could identify the subtle messages of life that other people missed. At one time it was even my life’s work to share those messages with the people who wanted to hear them. Since moving back to Kimball I’ve used that ability less and less, not just for others but for myself as well. Eventually, due to my inability to acknowledge the subtle hints that were being showered around me, I gave the Universe no other choice than to give my life a significant shake up.

Now that I have been given a wake-up call from the Universe, I can clearly see what I’ve been missing.

Living life true to myself.

And I don’t mean living as in just doing stuff. What I mean is that I have not been authentic to my own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I’ve fallen back into that rut, that I know so many of you are also in, of just getting by, maintaining our lives, families and livelihoods without actually sensing or even caring about what we need to continue growing and learning.

How many of you out there are stuck in the vacuum of doing the same thing every day, every week and year in and year out? Are you enjoying your life as it is today? Do you love who you are? Are you living true to yourself? Do you even know what it means to be true to yourself?

There are many spiritual beliefs in this world and I don’t believe that any of them are wrong, although they may not be right for everyone. So bear with me for a moment as I share my spiritual view. I believe that every time we are here on earth in physical form, our number one goal is to learn, to figure out what our soul needs to reach enlightenment.

Just a few short years ago, and for many years before that, I used to have a weekly ritual where I asked myself a list of questions that had proved to keep me on my soul’s path.

After my recent life changing experience I realized how badly I’d been failing myself and that I had stopped asking myself the hard questions. I want to share them with you now in hopes that, in time, they may bring you the truth and clarity that we all need to live authentically.

• Are you behaving in a way that is true to your authentic self?

• Are you acknowledging your true feelings and emotions?

• Have you forgiven yourself for your humanity? (No one is perfect.)

• Are you working towards learning what your soul came here to learn?

• Are you genuinely happy with yourself and your life right now?

Asking yourself these questions is easy, answering them truthfully can be more challenging than you may expect. Taking the steps to make the changes that will honor your soul’s truth, well, that may take a lifetime.

But, isn’t that why we are all here in the first place?


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