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Friends and Neighbors: Mike Winget


Aleta Pearson

Mike Winget is living his childhood dream, right here in Kimball. Since the beginning of this month Winget is the newest member of the Kimball Police Department (KPD).

Winget grew up with two brothers and a sister in Torrington, Wyo ., and graduated high school there in 2011. His youngest brother lives in Cheyenne but is currently training in counter terrorism at Fort Leonard Wood with the National Guard. His sister is married and lives in central Nebraska and his parents and another brother still live in Torrington.

As a child, Winget dreamed of being a law enforcement officer, but as he grew older and began playing sports, he changed his direction and he became interested in a career as a strength and conditioning coach.

After a few years playing college football and on the track team for Hastings College, his focus turned back to law enforcement once he realized how hard that lifestyle was on the human body. He still enjoys strength training on a daily basis.

He attended the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island, and graduated last year.

Kimball is not Winget's first post as an officer, he has worked full-time for both the Scottsbluff and Mitchell police departments as well.

Although Winget is currently a part-time officer, he does hope that, at some point in the future, he will be able to move into a full-time position. Until then, he is just happy to be an officer for the KPD.

When Winget is not working for the KPD, working out, or target shooting with his Smith&Wesson M&P .40, he enjoys training his two pups.

Both dogs are under a year old, and he recently rescued the newest addition early one cold and snowy morning, while on duty for the Mitchell Police Department.

In an attempt to locate the owners of the pup, who had just been weaned, he canvassed the area and found out from locals that it was most likely dumped in the desolated location to die.

Winget and his girlfriend, Brittany, are expecting their first child later this year.

This friendly young man has a positive attitude that will no doubt prove to be an asset to the community and law enforcement.


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