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Out with the old, in with the new


With the dawning of a new year many of us are cleaning out closets, cleaning out friends lists and just preparing in general for the new year.

I have started a new year with lofty ideals and intentions for more years than I care to count.

There is the lose weight/eat healthy resolution and the read more or stress less goals.

I have lost, and regained, several times. I have enjoyed new books and found creative ways to diminish stress due to these goals.

In years past I have cleared my closets and cupboards of unused and unloved items, donating them to others or reusing them for a new purpose.

I used old empty tissue boxes to make cute new gift packaging and boot cuffs from old sweaters.

Each attempt has brought some worthwhile changes to my life, though rarely the end result I envisioned.

Still, I don’t feel that it was wasted effort, as the changes that I made were enough for me.

I decided again this year that resolutions are (still) not for me. I have not made a New Year’s Resolution in quite some time.

Instead, this year I am going to review some of my past goals and renew efforts to make an even bigger impact than before.

One of those goals is to clean out more than just the garage, my closet and the kitchen cabinets.

This year I am drafting a plan to clean out the true clutter in my life - any residual fear, anger or resentment that I might be harboring.

My plan includes steps to repair hurt relationships and rebuild as many friendships as possible, whether they were damaged or just suffered from neglect.

I plan to make time for my friends in addition to my family and my career, whether it is just ten minutes on the phone or a weekend getaway.

I also plan to make every experience as positive as possible.

As we begin this new year together, I will work hard to face each challenge, each day and every person with a hopeful, positive outlook.

I hope for each of you, that the new year brings about a resolve that you can really get into and that with every effort you put forth, results are returned to you tenfold.


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