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Potter-Dix wins MAC speech title


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The Potter-Dix speech team won the MAC championship at the recent conference meet held in Minatare.

More than 125 students from across the Panhandle competed at the Minuteman Activities Conference speech contest held at Minatare. Schools that competed included Banner County, Bayard, Creek Valley, Garden County, Leyton, Minatare, Potter-Dix and South Platte.

Potter-Dix went home with the conference title, accruing 112 sweepstakes points at the event. Leyton took second place with 62 points, followed by Bayard with 50 points.

Potter-Dix individual champions included Bekah Hutchinson in Persuasive and Poetry, Audrey Juelfs in Humorous, and Justice Palmer and Keverett Rusk in Duet Acting.

Megan Gifford of Banner County won in Informative.

MAC event results


1. Megan Gifford (Banner County).

2. Theresa Barnhart (Garden County).

3. Sam Bogert (Potter-Dix).

4. Ryley Hicks (Potter-Dix).

5. Berlin Moreno (Minatare).

6. Aaron Buttle (Creek Valley).


1. Bekah Hutchinson (Potter-Dix).

2. Megan Baker (Bayard).

3. Regyn Hicks (Potter-Dix).

4. Caitlyn Deal (Leyton).

5. Jessica Houk (Leyton).

6. Sarah Reish (Bayard).


1. Aaron Schrotberger (Leyton).

2. Levi Kasten (Potter-Dix).

3. Mykayla Brown (Bayard).

4. Brooke Glass (Potter-Dix).

5. Kenny Ernest (Leyton).


1. RyAnne Blau (Bayard).

2. Rylie Hicks (Potter-Dix).

3. Sam Bogert (Potter-Dix).

4. Zach Deal (Leyton).

5. Brianna Weyerts (Leyton).

6. Peyton Stanczyck (Garden County).


1. Audrey Juelfs (Potter-Dix).

2. Hope Shepard (Potter-Dix).

3. Brooklyn Kniss (Bayard).

4. Kendra Johnson (Garden County).

5. Jeramy Bartels (South Platte).

6. Jon Park (Minatare).


1. Jesse Straber (Creek Valley).

2. Hope Shepard (Potter-Dix).

3. Kinley Vowers (Potter-Dix).

4. Jessi Smith (Bayard).

5. Alexis Mentzer (South Platte).

6. Mikaela Franzen (Leyton).


1. Bekah Hutchinson (Potter-Dix).

2. Lanie Thies (Potter-Dix).

3. Nina Henry (South Platte).

4. Catherine Applegate (Bayard).

5. Berlin Moreno (Minatare).

6. Ashlee Huestis (South Platte).

Duet Acting

1. Justice Palmer/Keverett Rusk (Potter-Dix).

2. Jake Johnson/Cooper Hicks (Potter-Dix).

3. Logan Douglas/Dustin Bleidt (Garden County).

4. Jacob Ernest/Kenny Ernest (Leyton).

PCM Photography

From left, the Potter-Dix team of Lanie Thies, Jordan Langley, Audrey Juelfs and Dawson Sharman competes in the Oral Interpretation of Drama competition at the MAC speech contest. They finished third.

5. Josh Boston/Megan Gifford (Banner County).

6. Dani McKay/Rhett Dye (Leyton).

OID (Oral Interpretation of Drama)

1. Draper and Company (Leyton).

2. Higgins and Company (Leyton).

3. Langley and Company (Potter-Dix).

4. Spencer and Company (South Platte).

5. Criswell and Company (Creek Valley).

6. Park and Company (Minatare).


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