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 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 16, 2018 

Activate Kimball takes one more step towards Kimball's walking/biking path

Activate Kimball hosted Felsburg Holt Ullevig Engineering at the regular Aug. 13 committee meeting from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at City Hall in Kimball. The firm, of Lincoln, created a draft report for Activate Kimball as the grassroots group that...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 16, 2018 

City of Kimball is shooting for net zero property tax increase

Budget season has begun as the end of the fiscal year approaches and Kimball City Council held the first budget workshop on Thursday, Aug. 2 to review each department’s proposed budget. Council and department heads were pleased, though cautious, wi...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 16, 2018 

Volunteers answer the call to open the museum

The High Plains Museum is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week through Farmer's Day, Sept. 29, thanks in large part to a small group of willing volunteers. According to High Plains...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 9, 2018

ACE funds used to build permanent tribute to veterans

Flag poles now stand tall awaiting their flags in Kimball's Gotte Park. This project has been two years in the making, and is funded by approximately $8,000 in ACE returns. The poles, which stand 25 a...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 2, 2018

Tipi Raisers ride again

As sketchy weather closed in a group of more than 20 riders on horseback, The Tipi Raisers, were welcomed to the fairgrounds in Kimball as they sought last-minute refuge last Thursday. "We weren't... Full story

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 2, 2018

Council hears harvest concern

With harvest nearing completion in the area, harvesters are likely heading out of town, but their stay in Kimball this year differed greatly from years past, City Administrator, Dan Dean, reported to...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    August 2, 2018

School Board considers VALTS program changes and requirements

The Kimball Board of Education reviewed, and updated the student, parent and staff handbook at their regular meeting on Monday, July 16. As part of this process, High School principal Eugene Hanks added a section for the VALTS (Valley Alternative...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 26, 2018

Has Kimball gone to the cats?

Stray cats have wreaked havoc in communities across the nation and Kimball is no exception. A public outcry for a solution is being addressed by the City of Kimball, though there are no regulations or ordinances pertaining to cats. According to...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 26, 2018

100 years of Blue Jeans and Family Dreams

Kimball and Banner Counties will be celebrating 100 years of Blue Jeans and Family Dreams during the 2018 Kimball-Banner County Fair, August 6 – 14. As in years past, the fair will begin with the Fashion Revue and clothing judging at the 4-H...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 26, 2018

From summer sealing to winter plowing - City talks streets

As the City of Kimball prepares to chip seal more than 20,000 square yards of Kimball streets, they considered the local snow removal plan for the coming winter. As far as chip sealing local streets, council approved sealing 10 blocks as opposed to...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 26, 2018

School hesitates to buy new drum set

Kimball School’s instrumental music teacher, Kristi Hiles-Smith, requested a new set of timpani, the kettle-like drums in progressive sizes. “The timpani that we have are over 40 years old, so I thought that it is perhaps time that we try to...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 19, 2018

Frisbee Golf area to be completed this weekend

Mayor Keith Prunty, with the help of Adrian Fuss, drilled holes in Gotte Park this past weekend for the new frisbee golf course. Posts were added on Monday with the help of Kimball street department... Full story

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 19, 2018

Council considers buying a vac truck

Kimball City Council heard a request from the Kimball Water Department for a vac truck, which would be shared by all Kimball utility departments, as needed. The truck currently being considered includes a piece that will turn water mains off safely,... Full story

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 19, 2018

State to provide scratch tickets for local fundraiser

The Friends of the Goodhand Theatre are currently selling raffle tickets to fund remodeling at the theater. Tickets will be sold through the end of the month, according to board member Keith Prunty. The drawing is scheduled for August, 18....

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 12, 2018

Kimball sees increase in sales tax revenue

The City of Kimball has seen an increase in sales tax compared to this same time last year. According to Amy Sapp, Special Projects Coordinator, this could be attributed to both an increased number of seasonal workers in the area, as well as,...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    July 12, 2018

4-H introduces inaugural 4k walk/run

As fair time approaches it is time to take off your boots and lace up your sneakers. Wait, what? That’s right, a new Kimball-Banner County Fair event will have participants walking and running through the streets instead of riding horses. The...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    June 28, 2018

Growing bigger with every year

The fourth annual Potter Car Bowl, scheduled for June 30, will feature new events and added activities for crowd favorites. New this year is the Pine Wood Derby. According to organizer Drew Enevoldsen, Cub Scout Troop 105 was recently organized and...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    June 21, 2018

Couches are not compostable

Couches are not compostable. The City of Kimball provides dumpsters to all Kimball residents, both brown from household waste and green for compostable items. Neither of these dumpsters are to be used for flooring, couches, wood or other large...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    June 21, 2018

KPD urges citizens to be alert

Safeguard your property and don’t hesitate to call the police if something seems suspicious. This from Kimball Police Chief Andy Bremer as his department just closed one stolen vehicle investigation and opened a second. This first, a stolen...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    June 14, 2018

School Foundation grants local students a Challenge Day

Challenge Day is coming to Kimball. Imagine a school where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated. Imagine enemies finding common ground and making peace; friends healing past hurts and making...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    June 14, 2018

Prairie Dogs wreak havoc on pasture land

What caused more than $60,000 in losses since July 1, 2017 throughout Kimball County? USDA Wildlife Specialist, Matt Anderson reported at the June 5 meeting of the Kimball Board of Commissioners that vermin did. Anderson presented a 2017/18 summary...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    May 31, 2018

A tribute to the fallen

Tribute. Remembrance. Honor. More than 100 gathered at the Kimball Cemetery in remembrance of fallen heroes. Each year, as the event grows, coordinators, singers, speakers and presentations are added...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    May 31, 2018

Kimball students place top ten in math contest

Nearly two dozen Kimball students placed top ten at the recent West River Math Contest at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, according to teacher Danielle Reader. As part of the Pride in Excellence, the students, along with Reader,...

 By Tonia Copeland    News    May 24, 2018

WWII and Korean Veterans Honor Flight 2018

Honor Flight veterans were pleased with Kimball's reception and patriotism as their convoy made its way through the streets and past hundreds of citizens offering their respect and gratitude. Dozens o... Full story

 By Tonia Copeland    News    May 24, 2018

Friends and Neighbors:

One of his first jobs as an adult paid him $5 each week and the second job was even better. He was saving for a 1936 Chevrolet with a rumble seat, but he never saved quite enough. "I carried home $47...


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